Saturday, June 28, 2008

California here I come!

So I spent the last couple weeks exchanging emails and doing roto and paint work for Mark Johnson of DVXuser fame. I worked on their TimeFest entry, O2 (pictured above), which was shot on RED and as usual, presented me with one of those “we need these shots yesterday” type of favorite :D

Well I not only completed the bare minimum they needed, but I finished what they wanted, and a couple shots beyond that. During this time, we got to talking about my goals and where I wanted to go with my skillz (yes, skillz with a Z, shut the hell up). Long story short, (and a big shout out to Kyle Stebbins, who DP’d on Alex vs Nate and helped shoot O2 and gave Mark my name in the first place) I turned out to be just the guy they were looking for, and they proved to be just the opportunity I was looking for.

I was hoping (and one of my closest friends can attest to this) things would fall into place perfectly and allow me to quit my job as an ad designer, go out to L.A. for a few weeks and work while feeling the ropes and getting my feet wet, and then come back to shoot The Baneful Curse and lock the edit with Alex, and then move out there completely come September or October.

Well, that’s exactly what has happened. On July 4th I’m flying out of Omaha and going to do work on a couple forensic cases (stuff like photogrammetry and recreating the scene of the crime, etc) with Mark and his guys, while doing some filmmaking stuff on the side. I also have quite a few contacts out there that are willing to recommend me to several studios if I want to find a roto job right away instead of going into the forensic stuff on a more permanent basis (granted I enjoy the work, it does sound very interesting).

Anyway, ‘tis looking like the rest of the year is going to be very exciting for me. Wish me luck, and THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to making this happen. I owe you guys!

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*_*Antoine*_* said...

Everyone is moving to LA. I won't be so alone anymore from TFN.